Quality Management System

As Loyd Shipyard, we are committed to perform documentation work and improve continuously so as to meet the requirements of the quality management system standard in accordance with our vision and mission.

In this regard, our quality policy includes;

  • Raising awareness of quality in all our employees along with our contractors and suppliers, and improving the level of quality by facilitating execution of work under a team spirit in order to foster our employees to work to the best of their competencies and abilities,
  • Preventing non-conformities that may arise in the ongoing processes by reviewing our business processes via self-assessment procedures and promptly reaching the most appropriate, accurate and affordable solutions.
  • Completing and delivering each and every project of construction or repair commenced by means of the highest level manufacturing processes, in the quality and within the budget provisioned within the framework of shipyard standards and international quality norms, and within the deadlines,
  • Increasing productivity in all our processes in accordance with the continuous improvement approach,
  • Becoming the leading brand in the industry by adopting innovative and creative approaches with the intention of announcing our shipyard’s name all over the world,
  • Providing the best of services to our customers with an approach of fully meeting customer requirements and expectations in all our processes, and becoming a reliable company in high demand.